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Philippine National Historical Society, Inc.


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Hotel Accommodations for Silliman University Conference

Honeycomb Tourist Inn (035) 225-1182
Single P525.00; Double P725.00
Family P825.00; Suite P1,200.00

Bethel Guest House (035) 225-2000
Studio P700.00 ; Double P800.00;
Twin deluxe P950.00; family P1,600.00

Plaza Maria Luisa (035) 225-4801
Single P650.00; Double P850.00
Extra bed P100.00; Suite P1,200.00

OK Pensionne House (035) 225-5925
Non-air con P275.00; single P385.00
Matrimonial P440.00; Single deluxe P550.00
Matrimonial deluxe P660.00; Double P770.00
Suite P1,320.00

The Habitat (035) 225-0833
Sing le P490.00; Double P615.00
Suite P1,400.00

City Woods Pension House (035) 225-2220

World View Hotel (035) 225-4110

Harolds Mansion (035) 225-8000

Gazebo (035) 225-0579

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